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Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists

I was a schoolboy when I discovered Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists. But I really discovered him in 1996 as I traveled to Figueres to visit his museum. It made me strong impression and it seems I’m not the only one.

Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists is born a first time in 1901 from Don Salvador Dalí y Cusi and from Felipa Domenech. But he died at 2 years.

Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists is born a second time on may 11th, 1904 at Figueres to replace the first one. Furthermore the surname, his parents make him wear the clothes of the first dead brother. Soon, he feels the need to distinguish himself from that other one he was supposed to replace. As things are never simple, in order to be loved, Salvador tried to identify hismself to his dead elder. Then, Salvador is the reincarnation of the first dead child and a mollycoddled child revered by the women at home, his mother, grand-mother, his nurse Lucia and his sister Anna Maria.

Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists

The career path of Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists

A age of six, he want to become cooker (in spanish he used the feminine gender!), at seven it was “Napoleon” and from his surname he inferred he must be “Savior”. It this time began morbid and oedipal obsessions.

Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists was introduced to painting at the age of 6. He mainly paints landscapes from the nearby but he also discovers the revolutionary aesthetics of Monet and Renoir.

His father finally accept to send him to Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando.  Dalí scorns his teachers lessons and mainly have interest for the old masters : Velásquez, Michelangelo, El Greco, etc. At this time, he became friend with García Lorca and Buñel.

In 1921 his mother passed away whith plunge him into a questioning of identity and a dark universe. In 1926 he reads Freud.

Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists had tried pointillism, cubism, purism but his first personal exhibition in 1925 corroborates his preference for classicism.

Salvador Dalí has been a Surrealist movement member. Although, his theoretical writings was esteemed by Breton. But as many others, Breton ultimately excluded him. Around 1934, Salvador Dalí declared “I myself am surrealism”. In every way, he was true!…

During World War II, Salvador Dalí took refuge in USA with Gala. Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing deeply shake them, “seismically”. In 1949 he came back to Europe, more excactly in Roma. During this period came out the concept of “Nuclear Mysticism” which he details in his 1951 book “Mystic Manifesto”. Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists is against the tide of his contemporaries who reject religious themes.

Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists dedicated his last works to the forth dimension, the one of time in the relativity theory. In his lifetime, he was known as a genius and gained a world recognition.

His Theater Museum was inaugurated in 1974. He died in 1989, seven years after Gala.

Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists seen by the painter Jean-Gabriel Jonin

I knew a little bit Jean-Gabriel Jonin, schoolteacher became a painter, passed away at the end of 2014. In 2006 he published “Jours intimes chez Dalí” (Intimates days with Dali). Aged 23 he met Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists at his home at Port Lligat. They became friends, as much as we can be friend with Dalí, and it lasted 15 years. In 1929 Salvador Dalí painted The Great Masturbator. The word was not vain. Jean-Gabriel Jonin and his wife Marie-Thérèse often posed for him. regularly he suddenly go away to masturbate. One time he stood it no longer and did it in front of them.

In the same way, one day Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists received a rich American collector. To arouse him and better sell (not too bad marketing) he asked to Marie-Thérèse to disguise herself as a nun and to Jean-Gabriel to pretend whip her. They were in a downstair little room and the collector could not miss them.

Jean-Gabriel said he didn’t like the Parisian Salvador Dalí, zany, eccentric, mediatized. Once again, it was just marketing and an answer to what people expect. A show. At home at Cadaques, Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists was significantly more normal… well not completely!

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