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Outsider Art Fair 2015

Outsider Art Fair 2015 took place this year in the Hotel du Duc de Morny in a quiet street. The place was prestigious and the quality of the artwork as well.

Originally, the Outsider Art Fair was launched in 1993 in New York city. In 2012, the art dealer Andrew Edlin acquired it through Wide Open Arts. In 2013 the first edition in Paris took place.

Before Jean Dubuffet passed away he considered Art Brut was closed or about. To continue and go further, Roger Cardinal build the concept of Outsider Art, similar to “Neuve Invention”. For further information, please read this Raw Vision page.

outsider art fair

Outsider Art Fair 2015 and facts

As a timing, Outsider Art Fair 2015 was considered a FIAC off event. But it is slightly different. The last one is crowded, noisy, trendy. Outsider Art Fair 2015 is quiet and not trendy at all.

In 2014 more than 2.000 people attended and 2015 had a 100% increase (~4.500). Most of the public was not visitors but collector and had skilful discussions with the 36 gallerists.

One booth was dedicated to Raw Vision art magazine. His creator, John Maizel was there and it is always a good thing to meet personally someone when you only virtually exchange due to distance. The presence of the magazine was plainly justified. First of all because of the quality of the magazine and the quality of the artwork presented by the gallery. This third edition was the first I attended to but I was delighted by what I saw and how gallerists were able to talk about the artists and their work. Secondly, the subject of the papers you can read in Raw Vision are exactly the same as what you can see at Outsider Art Fair 2015. Both the magazine and the art fair are references in art brut and outsider art field.

This year, the surface for the 38 booth was 1000 m² and 10 more galleries were present.

The Outsider Art Fair 2015 was an opportunity to travel around the world, Japan, Australia, USA, India and many European countries.

Carl Hammer Gallery presented several Henry Darger artwork. This artist is always impressive because behind children book like drawing, the story is painful and sometimes tragic. This gallery also presented stunning voodoo sticks. You fell it is not a decorative thing but the object is spiritual and has magic inside.

Outsider Art Fair
Courtesy to Maroncelli, Milano
Outsider Art Fair
Outsider Art Fair
Outsider Art Fair

The Atsuko Barouh gallery presented a self-taught artist, Tagami. I will have the opportunity to tell you more about him. His artwork is fantastic as he learned hitching by himself.

I saw an Aloïse drawing at 48.000€. Well, artists become rich when they are dead… Many art brut artists don’t care about money, often offer pieces just to please you. Aloïse draw on paper by dozens. Such a price is a way to admit the quality of her work but had nothing to do with her approach.

In business, numbers and KPI matter! About all the the gallery told me they where happy to be there and they sell well. This reflects the quality of the artwork they show and the quality of the collectors who attended. Did I talk about figure ? Only art matter there at Outsider Art Fair 2015.

Outsider Art Fair
Courtesy to Art Brut Gallery, Budapest
Outsider Art Fair
Courtesy to Art Naïve Gallery, Moscaw
Outsider Art Fair
Courtesy to Galerie Polysémie, Marseille


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