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Julia Sisi, outsider art

Have a check in the argentine civil registry, you’ll find that Julia Sisi passed away at two months old. Aged 18 years Julia Sisi, outsider art had the opportunity to see her grave, which is uncommon!

Clearly, she is born to replace her elder dead sister. When she was 6, she had to carry a birth certificate to school. Her mother made a mistake and gave her the death certificate of her sister! If official papers call her Julia, please call her Sisi instead.

Julia Sisi outsider art

But as we are talking about the mother of Julia Sisi, outsider art, let’s clarify, she was a celtic blond. She emigrate from Asturias, Spain in 1941, she was vacheros. A local culture specific enough to allow the family group to grow up to 400 people on Facebook. Her mother arrived in Argentina with her numerous sisters. All blonds maiden that marry dark skin mens, opposite to them.

The Julia’s mother (sorry, Sisi) wed and Guarani indian. You maybe recognise them if I say they paint a black strip across their face, at eyes level. By the way, this strip is often in Julia Sisi, outsider art even thought it is not on a conscious purpose. Simply, the strip appear on the canvas, that’s all.

The father of Julia Sisi, outsider art was coming from a family who bred thousands of sheep. But this is simply normal in argentine context. Arrived in Buenos Aires he became teacher for troublesome children. Her father sang some guarani songs but did not transmit the language to Julia Sisi. She regrets not to better master this language and the stories of the ancients.

Her mother was a believer because that was the way it goes. Doubt does not existed, the question did not even existed. Suddenly, aged 7, Julia Sisi loosed the faith, clearly for the little girl god did not exist.

From nuclear physics to Julia Sisi, outsider art

Julia Sisi began university studying nuclear physics but she found this environment exceedingly competitive. Mutual assistance did not exist. However, going so deep into the knowledge of the matter bring to philosophy, spirituality. Since Einstein, we know that matter and energy are the two sides of the same thing. By the way Julia Sisi, outsider art tells me we need a lot of strength extinguish a life.

So, Julia Sisi came to an art school. The memory she have is not so enthusiastic. It was terrible, she tells me.

The only good thing was her encounter with Dan. It was in 1978, she was 23 years old and 37 years later the two still tenderly love each other. Even their artist’s studio is common.

In order to flee dictature that ruled Argentina at that time, the death it spread, the people who disappear, Julia and Dan left clandestinely to Spain at Gerona. Julia Sisi, outsider art and Dan worked in art and craft and realised little series of figurines in papier-mâché. They worked together in a way nobody can see who did which part.

Julia Sisi is not afraid to make decisions. In just one week they stop everything and relocate in Canary Islands. Julia and Dan lived there several years.

Today, it has been 12 years they make art a living. With Internet rising, it was easier to sell artwork over long distance. For sure their art was appreciated because two days after proposing a canvas on e-bay they found a collector. It was the first step of a long walk because today they regularly go, or are represented at Atlanta folk Fest. And it not the least art fair.

Considering her work, Julia Sisi, outsider art tells me “you must have all your time for your art”. Life is short and the last is huge, we must not waste time. Julia Sisi say we must go to the point, that time is short, it is an emergency.

Sinse two years, Julia and Dan live in Creuse region, deep french countryside. They are happy there.

Lately, Julia Sisi, outsider art work about faces she calls The Face that Whispers. The face speaks about life : “I listen to what the face tell to me”.

One morning, she was looking to the snow-covered window above her. There was two little holes. She has a strong feeling “it is watching to me”! Since then the face she draws are vaguely rectangular. The detail of the canvas is not methodically designed, even if experience helps. All the details of the faces come out quite spontaneously, it is once the canvas is finished that Julia Sisi, outsider art understands what she did. She then look at the drawing as if someone else did it. Once finished, we can’t remember the creation process.

So I would only say that Julia Sisi uses acrylic and Posca felt pen. There is nothing to hide but the crux of the matter is not the technique, the artists don’t paint for that, we don’t buy a canvas for the virtuosity but for the emotion at the origine and the one it provoke in the eyes of the one who watch.

By the way, Julia Sisi, outsider art tells me a canvas does not exist without the gaze of an audience. This is your task.

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