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Ionel Talpazan, outsider art

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art business was about U.F.O., flying saucers and extraterrestrials. And painting. His biography states he was born in 1955 in Romania, near Bucharest and passed away September 21 in Manhattan.

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art

Before becoming Ionel Talpazan, outsider art

Before becoming Ionel Talpazan, outsider art lost his twin brother shortly after their birth and was a little boy who was given up by his parents. He was then raised by foster family. The mother turned out to be a violent alcoholic. One night he escaped into the woods fearing to be beaten. He was 8.

During this night he saw a blue light descended from the sky, enveloping him and then disappeared. He was sure it it was something extraterrestrial and became obsessed by U.F.O.

Not long afterward, his “parents” put him out. Ionel Talpazan, outsider art began to live in the streets. With another street guy, he listen to Radio Free Europe when possible and they longed to go to America. In 1987 they swim across the Danube river to join the free world. Ionel’s friend died of hypothermia. Ionel survived and found several months later a sponsor in New York and was granted political asylum by the U.S.

Soon in New York Ionel Talpazan, outsider art saw a TV documentary about UFO that reminded him his own experience. He starts painting, drawing, sculpture, all about UFO.

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art, scientist

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art stressed that his work was not only about art but also for NASA scientist. He stated that his artwork was explaining how spaceships are working, using magnetic force and antimatter in the propulsion systems. “My art is about the big mystery in life,” he told the journal, Western Folklore in 2008.

In New York he was living in the street, slept in a cardboard box and sold his art in the street as well. He positioned himself close to self-taught shows. He was not represented by galleries but some purchased his art as early as 1994.

He was soon renowned and his art was featured in books and magazines by 1997.

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art aimed to be didactic and explain the complex inner working of the spaceships. Sometimes, accompanying his drawing with handwriting text as we often see with self-taught artists. The image seems not enough clear and need the words support. He felt he owned a knowledge (secrete information about propulsion system) that no language can express but he wanted to present it to the world.

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art wa hoping one day NASA interpret his work as both art and science.

It is said Ionel Talpazan, outsider art produced more than 1.000 artwork pieces.

In 2014, his wish and dream to become an American citizen became reality. American bloggers says his story is a true immigrant story, a king of success story. He said it was a rebirth and renamed himself as Adrian da Vinci after Leonardo !

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art

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