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Antoni Tàpies Spanish painter

Antoni Tàpies spanish painter, poet, essay writer. Considered as self-taught and nevertheless plainly educated! One of the last great artists of the XX° century.

Antoni Tàpies spanish painter

Antoni Tàpies spanish painter is norn in Barcelona, just before the end of the year in 1923. Well, what was specific this city climate ? Picasso lived there and studied at School of Fine Arts, Gaudí built the main part of his work, Dalí born close to there and many other as well…

Antoni Tàpies spanish painter born in a middle-class and educated family. His father was layer and his mother from a editors and books sellers family. Antoni Tàpies found himself between the anti-clericalism of his father and the catholic orthodoxy of his mother. His personal spirituality turned toward a third way, philosophy and far eastern religions, mainly Zen Buddhism.

About art, he was impressed by what he discovered in the Christmas issue of the review D’Ací i d’Allà. He saw an overview of the international art of the moment : Duchamp, Kandisky, Braque and Picasso.

Aged 17, tuberculosis was about to kill him. He spent two years in the Pyrenees mountains to recover. It was during this time that he discovered the music of Wagner, the literature (Ibsen, Nietzsche, Thomas Mann), and make copies of Van Gogh and Picasso artworks.

Later he was incarcerated because he attended a clandestine meeting of Francoism opponents, in the monastery of Montserrat.

From law to Antoni Tàpies spanish painter

After 3 years studying law, he dedicated himself totally to painting as from 1943. In 1945 he started to experiment different materials. Well before arte povera was theorized. He has used very diverse materials : marble powder, chalk, earth, sand. He was influenced by Dubuffet and informal art.

The cross pattern also enter at that time as an echo to the numerous dead that fill the cimetery during the war. Odious times.

Opposite to the canvas seen as a window, from Renaissance, Antoni Tàpies spanish painter, looked at the canvas as a wall on which we display things.

Starting in the fifties, he gained an international renown and his artwork was exhibited in the most important museums.

In 1954 Antoni Tàpies spanish painter married and tree children followed. But such details are important only for him, not for us.

Whatever it was about painting, itching, sculpture, or lithography, Antoni Tàpies work had influenced his time and others artists.

The work of Antoni Tàpies Spanish painter was largely influenced by Far East calligraphy. Apparently, the gesture is simple and fast but to correctly perform it we need years of practice and repetition.

Antoni Tàpies said that his first works in 1945 are like protesting graffiti  in the street, facing dictator Franco suppression. His personality and his work were deliberately nonconformists. A rebellion.

Antoni Tàpies Spanish painter hated to be labeled as an abstract painter. However he let us with any explanation facing his symbols, letters, scratches and crosses. A king of antic language we have to decipher using our subconscious, our emotions.

Even thought it is linked to sacred, his work has a firm grip on matter. It make me think to Primo Levi who said in his book Il systema periodico that chemistry was a struggle with matter. Antoni Tàpies worked with many writers such as Joan Brossa, Yves Bonnefoy or Octavio Paz.

His work was linked to sacred but far away from his native catholicism.

Close to death aged 17, he lived until 88. Good performance!

Antoni Tàpies Spanish painter affordable or almost…

Art is considered a market. Artprice is a thermometer, at least for what is sold thought auction.

A print can be found between $800 and $2.000. A canvas can be bought between $15.000 and $20.000.

Of course, not everybody can buy artwork at such a price. That said, for such an important artist, the prices looks reasonable.

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    Prefiero ver a las de Picasso Este Antonio Se parece al que Buscan las Mujeres Solteras, pero Si lo Pones de Cabeza para Abajo!

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