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Dan Casado outsider art

During a vernissage, I met Dan Casado outsider art by chance. Well, not exactly. I already identified his artwork as I was browsing the Internet but I didn’t have yet the opportunity to met him in his artist studio. Too far from my home, 4 hours driving.

But handshake shorten distance and a rendezvous was decided. In the middle of the countryside of Creuse county, not so far from Ussel, France.

Dan Casado outsider art is born in Argentina, 1956. The year of insurrectional upraising in Argentina, Nasser oncoming in Egypt and Suez crisis, Budapest red Army invasion and Fidel Castro coup!

Dan Casado outsider art

Dan Casado outsider art first memory comes from an aunt who offered him color pencils. Roughly it is the beginning of things or, more accurately the trigger. Older at school, he didn’t listen to the lesson but was drawing. Dan‘s comrades asked him to make drawings for them.

Although his brain does not works as everybody’s one. It deals only, mainly with images and sounds. If ones need to give him directions, don’t name roads nor their numbers. But tell him that where he saw such sheep, he must turn left. Where he saw the tree that has such color leaves, he must turn right. Instead, this visual memory is useful to recognize faces. He can meet someone and remember seeing her for the first time one year ago in such place.

What was the trigger to become Dan Casado outsider art?

As he was walking in the city, Dan Casado came across an art students exhibition. It was the annual exhibition and Dan decided it will be his way.

Therefore he entered this school to become graphic artist. Looking back, he finds the level was not so good but it does not stop him to make his way.

When it was time for him to contribute to the annual exhibition, he made an India ink drawing, beginning at 3 AM. Dan Casado outsider art tell me he was in an altered state of mind, the drawing took over him. Outwardly, it was a very dark landscape. But in looking carefully to it, a face was hidden. He became conscious of it once finished.

A girl studying at the same school absolutely wanted to know who was the artist of such stunning drawing. But sorry, this is another story, it is not time to speak about that.

But Argentina under dictatorship was not funny. That’s usually the case under dictatorship. Some Dan Casado outsider art friends where killed at 17 years old. One day a professor simply disappeared… During the Falklands war, 15 years old boys were send to the front where they died of cold and starving (it is austral land) more than battle.

So, with the pretty student, Dan Casado outsider art traveled clandestinely until Barcelona, Spain. in order to ear a living, they bought paper pulp sold as board for carnival persona making. Using plaster mold they made themselves, paper pulp was used to made persona. This art and craft nourish them during 5 years.

Afterward, Dan Casado outsider art left to go to Canary Islands. He especially organized outsider art exhibitions with his beloved one. People of the area, made things, objects, whose family and neighbor tend to gently mock. Suddenly,  their artistic value was recognized.

Then, life circumstances made him relocate in France. In the middle of flowers during summer, snowy isolation during winter. All the wealth held in the car.

Currently Dan Casado outsider art is painting. He starts the process using newspapers, advertising (that’s good, there is plenty of it in the letter box) and glue the pieces on card stock. He simply use wallpaper glue. Later, Dan Casado outsider art paint patches of color. He uses (out-of-date) credit cards to spread out colors. After all, come the line and little by little colors are shaping the canvas.

You will discover the creative process in the video below.

Well, did I forget ? As the ink of this paper is drying, the pretty student is still beside Dan Casado outsider art, 37 years later. But it is a secret, do not repeat it!

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