Julia Sisi outsider art

Julia Sisi, outsider art

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Have a check in the argentine civil registry, you’ll find that Julia Sisi passed away at two months old. Aged 18 years Julia Sisi, outsider art had the opportunity to see…

Antoni Tàpies spanish painter

Antoni Tàpies Spanish painter

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Antoni Tàpies spanish painter, poet, essay writer. Considered as self-taught and nevertheless plainly educated! One of the last great artists of the XX° century.

outsider art fair

Outsider Art Fair 2015

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Outsider Art Fair 2015 took place this year in the Hotel du Duc de Morny in a quiet street. The place was prestigious and the quality of the artwork as well.

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art

Ionel Talpazan, outsider art

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Ionel Talpazan, outsider art business was about U.F.O., flying saucers and extraterrestrials. And painting. His biography states he was born in 1955 in Romania, near Bucharest and passed away September…

African art, Gan bronzes, Burkina Faso

African art, Gan bronzes, Burkina Faso

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As African art is currently better known, Gan bronzes from Burkina Faso are slightly less famed. Thought, these objects have a still unspoiled suggestive strength.

Salvador Dalí, peintre espagnol

Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists

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I was a schoolboy when I discovered Salvador Dalí, Spanish artists. But I really discovered him in 1996 as I traveled to Figueres to visit his museum. It made me…